There are certain amounts of money that are set to be the optimum amount for saving money. A lot of experts believe that you should set aside 2o percent of your monthly income. Understandably, it is not going to be difficult to do this if you have a paycheck that is at least slightly above minimal. But, what if you don’t? Well, in this case, the solution is to simply aim to set aside 20 percent and be happy with the amount you manage to save. It may not be entire 20 percent, it might come close. As you learn to make more responsible financial decisions, you may become able to save this amount on a monthly basis even if you don’t make a lot of money. This amount should later be divided into spending between 10 and 15 percent for your retirement account, and 5 to 10 for your other saving goals. As you may notice, these percentages are leaving you some space in case that you can’t save exactly 20 percent from your paycheck.

However, if you are making large amounts of money, there is no limit to the percentage you should set aside from your monthly paycheck. The more, the better. If you have modest spending habits, you might save an entire fortune in case that you start receiving a larger paycheck. You shouldn’t shy away from going on a strict budget so that you would save larger amounts.

The amount of 20 percent that is normally recommended for you to save is only a guideline. It is a starting point for all who are willing to save. In fact, over the years, increase in the percentage of monthly savings had become popular. Lately, there are groups of people who believe in saving up to 50 percent of your monthly income. This must sound strange, t say the least. But, being able to make enough money to save half of it almost guarantees a safe and stable financial future. Saying that this is a reasonable path towards building secure wealth might be excessive, but it would most certainly help you to get there. To achieve this goal, many recommend using extreme methods of saving and adopting a frugal lifestyle. While frugal basically stands for a person obsessed with finding bargains and living on the smallest budget possible, some of the more advanced saving methods include using coupons and all possible discounts you can get your hands on.

What are other types of savings?

You don’t necessarily have to have a stash of money in your account in order to be successful with savings. By definition, saving is everything that improves your net worth. In order for you to boost your net worth, you don’t have to necessarily put money into your savings account every month. There are other actions that will help boost your net worth as well.

Successful saving includes assigning money to other purposes as well. These include having a retirement account, as well as an account for health savings. Also, flat spending account is a great way for you to save money because they don’t allow you to go into the negative balance and spend the money you will not be able to repay. Even if you make efforts no more than to pay your debts on a regular basis, you are still doing a great job with saving.

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